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This is the first vinyl to feature music from Caspian's Island featuring the two main singles from The "Groove" EP.

Side A is "My Lips, Your Lips": The sugary bop for romantics about going to a house party and seeing a potential love interest, imagining into the future spending time with them as your partner but reality has something different in mind.

Side B is "Imperial Echo Vault": A psychedelic trip which focuses on the instrumentals carrying you along like a dream-state. The reason is because the song is about the small worries and anxieties that bounce around the inside of your head when you're in bed ready to sleep that prevent you from gaining those much needed hours of dream-time.

The vinyl release is limited to only 100pcs total. "Imperial Echo Vault" has also been mixed again specifically for this vinyl to be more punchy and includes a few touches that aren't present on the digitally released version.

This vinyl has been possible with the big help of our friends over at Flying Vinyl.